Suicide rates in kids and teens have increased 56% in the last decade. This is unprecedented, unpredicted, and shocking. Anxiety and depression diagnoses are also rapidly rising for both boys (10% increase from 2009) and girls (70% increase). We are on a journey to find solutions to this epidemic, and provide resources to as many parents as possible.

The pop-up playgrounds raise awareness about the role of play in combatting the mental health epidemic. Why is play so important? Kids use play to test out theories, take risks, and build confidence through their own self-guided discovery! For a variety of reasons, kids no longer have access to enough play. Instead their days are over-scheduled, over-structured, and over-stimulated. This leads to adults who lack resilience and struggle to innovate or problem-solve because they never had the opportunity for creativity and curiosity to incubate in their minds and grow. The Kid Factory is designed to give kids one afternoon of free play, to create their own cardboard worlds and explore their own abilities. But more important, they are designed so parents can learn the role play has in their child's mental health. 

The Go Get Mom podcast provides resources to parents. We hope this podcast will be an accessible way to gain insight into the world of mental health. The more resources parents have, the better. We feature a different guest each week to offer free information, actionable coping tools, and a new perspective.

We aren't just playgrounds and podcasts. The whole idea behind The Kid Factory is we are on a journey. Journeys evolve and surprise, therefore we are always creating new ways to navigate this path. The best way to keep posted on what we're up to next is to follow us on Instagram

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