In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to use this time to prepare for what's ahead. Most children will struggle either during the quarantine, or in the adjustment back to "normalcy". We want to try and provide support to the kids who need it.

In an effort to raise funds for this mission, we have designed a shirt (to be printed by local Atlanta artist Baron Press). The shirt costs $20 and for every one sold we receive a $10 donation - all of which will go towards this effort.

What the effort looks like will depend on the amount raised. But all funds will be used to get more kids connected with mental health services. We will keep this fundraiser open until the stay-at-home order is fully lifted, at that point we will assess what is possible - but we are dreaming big! 

About the shirt:

First of all, it is cute and VERY comfy cozy! But also, it says "Lifelong Learner" for a reason. It is meant to remind parents that children are always learning, and to maintain happiness, we hope they always will be. This pandemic won't change that. "Don't rush their growth"is important as we navigate this new normal... it may take children time to adjust but that doesn't mean they won't flourish into the amazing humans they were meant to be - on THEIR timeline. Last, the dandelion represents the wild and free nature of children. We can't control when/where/how they grow but boy is it amazing to see them fly! Also it is a tip-of-the-hat to my personal favorite quote from Dr. George Washington Carver, "A weed is just a flower, growing in the wrong place." Let's make sure our children don't see themselves as weeds, but as the wonderful flowers they are!

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