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FEBRUARY 5, 2020



Nichelle Stewart and her husband Tim run Rockin S Farms, a local honor-system farm in Free Home, Georgia that grow some of the best produce I have ever tasted and they make the best salsa, jelly, and elderberry syrup you will ever find. 6 years ago they lost their daughter, Cheyenne, in a car accident at age 17. Following that tragedy the community began a local tradition, called Cheyenne Heard Pay it Forward Day held on on her birthday, January 11th. The tradition has now spread to all 50 states as well as other countries. Nichelle has always been so open about her grief. I was so glad to talk to her about so many things, but especially what life is like after you’ve experienced what everyone agrees is the ultimate loss.

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february 12, 2020

dr. swathi krishna | haven psychiatry

TOPIC: medication

Dr. Swathi Krishna is a psychiatrist who specializes in working with children and adolescents. In this episode she shares insight about medication, when you need it and when you don't. As well as some understanding as to what is happening inside the brain when children take medication. She is a wealth of information and makes an unfamiliar topic relatable and digestible.

february 19, 2020

caroline ryan | because mom

TOPIC: mom friends

Caroline Ryan is the founder of Because Mom, a networking group of moms with the goal of giving women a place to be themselves. Because Mom hosts community outreach projects, community events, networking groups, cooking and craft classes, Facebook and Instagram groups, and so much more. It is a wonderful community of supportive women and a great place to find friends and commonality both online and in real life. In this episode we talk about why she started this community project and gives tips on how to not let motherhood isolate you.

february 26, 2020

dr. megan mcswain mann | peachtree art therapy & counseling

TOPIC: anxiety

Dr. Megan McSwain Mann has a PhD in art therapy and is a licensed professional counselor. She primarily works with children, teens and families with anxiety, depression, eating issues, the emotional side of learning differences, and coping with life changes. She owns her own counseling center (where I work) called Peachtree Art Therapy & Counseling - which offers both art and play therapy. She shares so much insight into what anxiety is, how you know it's a problem, and how to find the superpower that lies within it.

march 4, 2020

allie horne, np | the new normal

TOPIC: food - picky eaters, allergies and more!

Allie Horne is a Nurse Practitioner at Intown Pediatrics in Atlanta, Georgia. She also has her own business called The New Normal where she helps parents navigate the shocking transition into parenthood. In today's episode she discusses food - everything from how to deal with picky eaters to differentiating between an allergy and a food sensitivity.

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march 11, 2020

dr. robert plomin | blueprint: how dna makes us who we are

topic: nature vs. nurture part ii

Today’s topic is “Nature vs. Nurture Part II”. I am talking again with Dr. Robert Plomin, professor of Behavioral Genetics at King’s College, geneticist and author of Blueprint: How DNA Makes Us Who We Are. If you haven’t listened to our first episode together I highly recommend going back to that one and then listening to this one. In this conversation I have compiled the common feedback I had from listeners about our original podcast and got Dr. Plomin to address them. He is such a wealth of information and, while I know we shouldn’t have a favorite, probably my favorite podcast guest. He just links the worlds between science and real life in such a way that has been both transformative to me as a human and as a parent. 

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march 13, 2020

dr. robert plomin | blueprint: how dna makes us who we are

topic: epigenetics

This is a special segment of my conversation with Dr. Plomin about transgenerational trauma and epigenetics. This will be fascinating to anyone who is already interested in the world of genetics and the implications recent breakthroughs have for our children’s futures. Dr. Plomin does a wonderful job of breaking this topic down and even helps put things into perspective for me.

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march 18, 2020



Roeline is the lead Occupational Therapist at Wardlaw School at The Atlanta Speech School. At the counseling center she is the expert we always turn to for all things OT. She helps explain what an occupational therapist is, and what they can help with. As well as helps break down Sensory Processing Disorder - a disorder that is rapidly growing with children. It is a condition in which the brain has trouble receiving and responding to information that comes in through the senses. This can show up as either being very sensitive to sensory stimulation or present as seeking out lots of sensory input and is often partnered with diagnoses such as anxiety or ADHD.

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march 25, 2020

katja lauterback | duett design

topic: design: life & home

Today’s topic is Design: Life and Home. Katja Lauterbach is the owner of Duett Design, an Atlanta-based interior design firm that specializes in modern and practical design. She incorporates energy and mood design modalities like hygge and feng shui into her concepts and that is why I thought she would be a great person to talk with about this topic. In this conversation she shares a new perspective on how we should look at our living spaces and their impact on our lives. It is a nice reminder to keep our priorities in order whether we are talking about our home or our lives.

april 1, 2020

julie lythcott-haims | author/ted speaker

topic: how to raise an adult

Today’s topic is How to Raise an Adult and who better to discuss this with than the author of the book herself, Julie Lythcott-Haims. Julie is one of the biggest inspirations behind why I started The Kid Factory, and I don’t say that lightly. Her TED Talk, titled “How to raise successful kids without over parenting” first crossed my path in 2016 and it led to a series of decisions to redefine success both for my child and myself. I later read her book “How to Raise an Adult” and if I had to tell parents ONE book they MUST read, this would be it. In it she details not only why we struggle with pushing our children but also how she struggles with it as well. I will be honest with you - this convesation did NOT go as I planned. I thought we would spend a lot of time detailing out her book but I honestly am such a superfan that I went beyond the book a great deal. Plus I got COMPLETELY derailed when I received validation from her that was beyond I could ever hope for. I hope you are still able to take something away from our conversation, but I will say I was able to take away an entirely renewed sense of purpose. Her honesty and genuine support just show why she is a person to be admired.

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