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the kid factory at home kit

Due to COVID-19, all of our pop-up events have been postponed indefinitely. But we still want to bring creative play to children... so that is why we created the Kid Factory At Home kits - they are like tiny Kid Factories!

Every item in the kits are designed to encourage children to use creativity. Just like in the life-size playgrounds, we encourage parents to let the children use their imagination and don't feel the need to "teach". Play is children's work, they will know what to do with them.

These kits are designed for ages 5-9 (because this is the age where play begins to decline and is replaced by more structured activities). There are two kit choices: "Snips & Snails" is best for tinkerers and "Sugar & Spice" is best for pretend players - but both are fun for all!

Kits cost $18 each and can be picked up at one of these awesome locations:

Rockin' S Farms in Canton, GA

Waller's Coffee Ship in Decatur, GA

Treehouse Kid & Craft in Decatur, GA & Athens, GA

the kid factory t-shirt fundraiser

Back by popular demand... we now have an ADULT shirt for sale! Teens and adults loved our youth shirt so we made an adult one just for YOU. Local Atlanta print artist Baron Press has partnered with us (for a 2nd time!!) to create the Bring Childhood Back tshirt. The cost is $20 and for every shirt purchased $10 goes towards our mission! The shirts are only for sale for TEN DAYS so order yours now!!

Where does the money go:

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to use this time to prepare for what's ahead. Most children will struggle either during the quarantine, or in the adjustment back to "normalcy". We want to try and provide more and better mental health support to the kids who need it.

About the shirt:

First of all, it's cute and VERY comfy cozy! But also, it says "Bring Childhood Back" for a reason. Childhood has been engineered out of our lives, little by little. For whatever reason, we decided at some point it was too dangerous, pointless, or wasteful to play. This shirt is a call to action to everyone, no matter what age, to make childhood a priority again. We all need freedom, flow, and playtime in our lives. Let's stop glorifying who's busier, richer, and more important - and instead focus on what brings us joy, what lights our flame, and what challenges us in the best way. Aka - let's BRING CHILDHOOD BACK! It comes in two colors: Indigo & Light Olive - I hope you like them!

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