cindy robinson

PARENT & inTUITIVE healing coach 

I firmly believe every person has already within them what they need to heal and thrive. I simply serve as a tour guide to help you connect with that inner strength.

My name is Cindy Robinson and I am the founder and creator of The Kid Factory. This project started as my own personal journey to understand the mental health crisis our families were facing. Two years into the project, I felt a sense of urgency to help people navigate that journey for themselves.

I am a Certified Integrative Life Coach from the Integrative Wellness Academy. I combine that training with countless other trainings, mentorships, and research to create my own style of practice that is unique and intentional. It is my passion and my purpose to stay on top of cutting-edge tools for how humans best thrive, not just survive.​ 

What types of clients are ideal for my work?



  • parents whose own childhood trauma or mental health diagnosis (ADHD/OCD/Anxiety) is impacting their ability to be the type of parent they want to be

  • adults who have done the work with a therapist, but still have some residual negative thought patterns that linger

  • parents who have a child who is struggling with a mental health diagnosis

  • parents who feel they've lost their sense of purpose outside of being a parent/spouse

  • adults who are struggling to make life decisions ("adulting") or transition smoothly from childhood into adulthood

  • anyone who feels they have lost their intuition and don't know where to go next

  • teens with OCD, anxiety, or ADHD who want to understand their diagnoses or themselves on a deeper level

  • teens struggling with an identity crisis or are afraid of entering adulthood

  • teens who are buckling under the pressure of modern childhood (the struggling overachiever)

  • teens who cannot see the amazing person you know them to be

  • teens who have lost their intrinsic motivation or lack executive functioning skills

What will working with me look like?

Step 1: Reach out to me  - we will chat for about 30 minutes (at no charge) and discuss whether I am the right fit. If I am not the best fit I will refer you to another professional.... I have a wonderful referral network of fantastic people!

Step 2: If you decide to schedule with me, we will discuss what your care plan will be.  Here are the options I offer: 4-Session Deep Dive -Because I know finances often stand in the way of a person's healing, I have created a 4-session model for those who just need to lay the ground work and can manage their own healing process from there. In a nutshell, I use those 4 90-minute sessions to dive deep, help you release negative thought patterns, identify core issues, and develop your own self-healing techniques. This model is typically appropriate for adults/parents who have already done prior mental health work (seen a therapist, for example). This model is at a cost of $450 total. Weekly Session Model: This is more common for teens or adults who are working on their inner selves for the first time. We meet weekly and the rate is $85 per 1-hour session (the average length of this healing process is 8 weeks). In addition to what we work on in the 4-session model, we will also work on personalized action plans and continue with releasing/healing work. What exactly your sessions will look like varies from client to client. I currently have an office at Bizarre Coffee in Downtown Canton, GA on Mondays, meet clients outdoors

for walk-and-talk sessions, and am available for virtual sessions. In addition to talking, we will often use a combination of restorative yoga, breath work, mindfulness/meditation techniques, emotional clearing, reflexology, and grounding in our sessions (all at the request of the client - take what you want, leave what you don't). 

If this sounds like the right fit for you, feel free to contact me and let's get started! You'll know if/when it's time and I'll be here when you are ready!


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"tell the truth. to yourself first, and to the children."

- maya angelou

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