The Kid Factory brings the awareness. Go Get Mom brings the resources. This podcast is a place parents (or any adults for that matter) can go to gain insight on cutting edge resources on all things mental health and parenting. We want parents to have all the information they need to create a healthy, happy life because we know the children they care for will reap the benefits. 
We speak with scientists, authors, experts, doctors, therapists, moms, and so much more about realistic tools for healing your family. Much mental health information is dated and rooted in parent-blaming/shaming or offers unrealistic tools for a typical family today. So much has changed in the world of parenting and we need NEW information for dealing with it. Come with us as we go on a journey to discover a new way towards success!
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Cindy Robinson is the founder and creator of The Kid Factory (more about that here). She decided to start the Go Get Mom podcast as a branch of her community project in an effort to reach and effect more families on a deeper level. 

She is the wife to a very patient husband who encourages her "wild" ideas, and the mother to a very insightful "tween" son. They live (along with their many farm animals) in Cherokee County, Georgia.

She works both in Atlanta as an intake coordinator at a children's counseling center and in Canton as a middle school electives teacher at a hybrid homeschool. She has had a strange and winding path to her career, but she attributes most of what she knows to the school of hard knocks and her chronic curiosity. 

She has the simple dream of ending the rise of anxiety, depression, and suicide in kids and teens.


We only accept podcast sponsors from businesses we actually use, support, and/or believe in. We really mean it. If you would like to be a sponsor, reach out to us. If it seems like a good fit we will gladly accept.



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