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We are always looking for Playmates to volunteer at our events! The only requirement is that you: 

(1) are handy with a box cutter/scissors,

(2) have a clear background check - if over 18

(3) are 15 years or older (exceptions can be made for "old souls"), and

(4) really like small humans and having fun!

We will give you a tutorial on all you need to know to be a good Playmate.

If you would like to volunteer, Contact Us and let us know!


Got Junk? We want it! If you have any of the following stuff you would like to donate to The Kid Factory, just fill out the contact box at the bottom of the page and we will arrange pick-up! You can also click on the Amazon Wish List button to see what all we need!

  • crates

  • fabric

  • rope

  • duct tape

  • packing tape

  • scissors

  • box cutters

  • old tires

  • buckets

  • spray paint

  • ...and more! If you aren't sure, just ask us and we'll tell you if we could use it!


Below is a list of the amazing local businesses who have shown their support! To make The Kid Factory and our other programs happen you need lots, and lots, and LOTS of help! It would not be possible without these guys! Please show your gratitude by using any of these businesses when you can - they are good people! If you would like to support us please contact us by filling out the box below and find out how! 


Business Supporters: 

My Mickey Vacation Travel - Melanie Rickert

World Market Cost Plus - Kennesaw

Freeze Cream

Reformation Brewery

Peaches & Kreme

Jimmeh Event Management

Sleepovers & Co.

The Women Project