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What age is The Kid Factory for?

We recommend ages 5-14... younger children are allowed but parents will need to be very hands-on. We prefer the kids do most of the work and ALL of the brainstorming. Older children are invited to become volunteers!

(See Get Involved)

Are parents allowed to leave The Kid Factory?

Kind of... we do encourage parents explore outside the play area and enjoy some of the nearby vendors/businesses. However, we don't recommend you go too far away. Ideally we would like you to be able to see your child experiencing the joy of play, while also giving them the freedom to do their own thing.

How much does it cost?

All Kid Factories have a suggested donation of $5 per child. This means you are not required to pay anything to enjoy The Kid Factory. However, if you are able to donate something it helps us pay for the supplies used at each event, as well as start other amazing community programs. There are also often local vendors nearby for you to purchase items, if you would like!

What should I expect The Kid Factory to be like?

We are basically trying to recreate that 80s childhood hangout spot where kids used to get together unsupervised and play... with the most safety possible... without losing the benefits! That means it will be noisy and messy and bumps and bruises may occur. However, we feel the benefits are worth it! 

What safety precautions are taken? 

Each Kid Factory comes with a group of "Playmates", volunteers trained in the art of play. Our volunteers range from play therapists to high schoolers. They are NOT babysitters, coaches, or teachers. They are there to help brainstorm, resolve conflicts, and show kids how to have fun. They are also in charge of any sharp objects (box cutters, scissors) to reduce the risk of injury.

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