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All of our virtual courses are designed to provide leading-edge mental health information to families in the most affordable way possible. If you want a course on a specific topic you don't see on this page, reach out to us here

How do the courses work? 

Once you purchase a KFU course, a weekly course video will be sent to you. You can go at your own pace and start when you are ready. Each course includes:

  • a weekly course video covering your topic of interest

  • links or resources that are mentioned in the course video

  • access to Cindy Robinson, founder of The Kid Factory & parent/teen coach for questions and support during the duration of the course

{ 4-week VIRTUAL GROUP } 
cost: $75

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This is a virtual book club designed for parents who:

(1) want to raise kids who can create and sustain their own contentment + happiness

(2) want to keep a relationship with them in the process.

This book club helps connect parents with their children on a deeper level. The tools given are directed towards creating an open, loving home that allows room for growth and healing for both the adults and the children.

Details: Virtual meetings via Zoom every from February 22nd-March 15 (4 weeks)

Includes: The Self-Driven Child book + 4 virtual book club meetings

Cost: $75 total

This book club series will be filmed and used as a resource for families who may not otherwise have access to leading-edge resources. For that reason, it is important that those who register plan to (1) attend every meeting (2) do the reading and (3) bring a curious mind and an open heart. Anyone who does participate will get ample more than you've paid for out of this group. I intend to pour my whole heart into it and make this much more than "just" a book club. It will be more like group healing. So please do not register if you are not sure you have the bandwidth to fully commit.


Select the book club you would like to participate in for details or to register.

worrywarts: a support group for parents of kids with ocd/anxiety
{ 4-week VIRTUAL course } 
cost: $60


course details:

Session One: The Physiology of OCD & Anxiety

Where does OCD & anxiety exist in the brain, why does it manifest the way it does in your child, and understanding the role DNA and life experience plays in your child's life.

Session Two: Realistic Coping Tools for OCD/Anxiety

Learn the methods that work best for my clients who are struggling with OCD and/or anxiety

Session Three: Anxiety is a Superpower

How to talk about anxiety with your child, how is anxiety beneficial, and how to empower your child to embrace who they are

Session Four: Love Yourself, Love Your Child

A beautiful wrap-up session where we set intentions, empower ourselves, and prepare to go out and hold a safe space for our kids

{ 4-week VIRTUAL course } 
cost: $60

parenting teens.jpg

course details:

Session One: The Physiology of a Teenager

Learn what is happening hormonally and developmentally, how that manifests in your teen, and how to work those changes in your favor

Session Two: When to Worry About Your Teen

Learn warning signs to look out for, what is considered "normal" behavior for modern-day teens, and what interventions to use

Session Three: Set Up for Success

Learn a timeline for preparing your teen for the "real world", learn what today's "real world" looks like vs. what it looked like when we were teens, and research-supported ways to help your child find happiness in adulthood

Session Four: Forming A New Relationship

Learn how to form a new, updated relationship with your teen, manage the balance of power and increase in autonomy in a way that feels good for everyone in the family

{ 4-week VIRTUAL course } 
cost: $60


course details:

This course is designed specifically for parents who experienced some form of trauma during childhood/young adulthood (prior to age 25). There is no "minimal" trauma requirement, if your experience felt traumatic for you, it was, and this course if for you. The goal of this course is to help parents jump start their healing process, release shame, and be able to remove their trauma lens to see their children from a new perspective.

Session One: The Physiology of Childhood Trauma

Learn how childhood trauma effects the brain + body and how to recognize its symptoms​

Session Two: Your Trauma vs. You

How to distinguish between where your trauma ends and you begin, including ways to get in touch with your intuition that lives beneath the trauma​

Session Three: Trauma + Parenting

Learn how your trauma may be showing up in your parenting and impacting your relationship with your child​

Session Four: The Cycle Ends Here

How to embrace your roles as both trauma survivor and parent, learn to be empowered by (instead of ashamed of) your trauma history and look to the future with a hopeful + joyful heart.

upcoming courses
{ coming soon } 
cost: $60


upcoming course list for 2022

My Child Came Out, Now What?

A course to help parents support their LGBTQ+ kids/teens​

A Different Drummer: A Support Group for Parents of Neurodivergent Tweens/Teens

A course on understanding and supporting a child whose brain operates in a unique way due to 2e, Asperger's, dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, other learning difference, etc.

The Gap Year

A course covering commonly asked questions about what a gap year is, how/why you should take one, and what your options are (including vital information like cost, etc.)​